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Conference Title: Horizon Europe support for the European Green Deal”


Søren Bøwadt


Søren Bøwadt is the acting Head of Unit for the “Industry” unit of the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) in Brussels. The unit is responsible for the implementation of the industrial research and innovation legacy activities from Horizon 2020 as well as the industry activities in Cluster 4 of Horizon Europe. His main educational background in organic synthetic (MSc) and analytical chemistry (PhD) has been obtained from the University of Odense, Denmark. He joining the Measurement and Testing unit of the European Commissions Research Directorate at the end of 1999 and since July 2003, he has been working for the Directorate for Industrial Technology and since April 2021 for HaDEA. He has been responsible for over 150 scientific projects in various areas of natural science and has published more than 50 papers in chemistry related research in addition to setting up the SPIRE public private partnership.



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Conference Title: Carbon Management at BASF – Technological Pathways Towards Carbon Neutrality


Dr. Jürgen Dahlhaus


Senior Vice President, Process Engineering Jürgen Dahlhaus was born in Sennestadt, Germany, in 1964.
He studied Chemistry at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, and graduated in 1990. After research studies in Bielefeld and London he received his doctorate from the University of Bielefeld in 1993.


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Conference Title: The role of CO2 capture in net zero emission strategy of TotalEnergies


Dr. Veronique PUGNET


Dr. Veronique PUGNET, is project leader in the R&D anthropogenic CO2 capture team at TOTAL. She has a background in chemistry and a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis. She started working in TOTALenergies as an R&D engineer in TOTALenergies’s R&D process department for refining and biofuels processes and more particularly on hydrotreatment trickle-bed processes (pilot testing, kinetic modeling, project development). She also worked as a field process engineer at the Antwerp refinery and as technical manager for a large scale R&D gaz treatment unit project during the Basic Engineering phase


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Conference Title: From 2 tons per hour to 2 tons per second of oxygen


Bernard Saulnier


After graduating as a Chemical Engineer from ENSTA (Paris), Bernard has spent more than 30 years in Air Liquide Engineering and Construction. Starting in 1980 as a process engineer, he became technical director in the 2000’s, responsible for the design of new projects, as well as for  innovation. His main domain of expertise is Air Separation Units and more generally cryogenic distillation, but his experience also covers hydrogen production and carbon capture. He joined R&D in 2012 in the frame of an initiative aiming at renewing radically the Air Separation Units. He is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generations. During his carrier, Bernard first witnessed, then became a key contributor to the development and industrialization of several generations of distillation packing in cryogenic processes, and beyond the packing itself, to all innovation it has made possible with regard to processes and markets.




Conference Title: 100 Years of Distillation with Tray and Packing and Beyond


Michael Schultes


Dr. Michael Schultes obtained his Doctor's degree from the Ruhr-University Bochum (1990). He continued to work as a Scientific Assistant under Prof. Billet at the Ruhr-University Bochum for five years. In 1995 he became the Technical Director of Raschig’s Mass Transfer Technology Division at RASCHIG GMBH, Ludwigshafen / Germany. Since 2005 he became professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

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Conference Title: 100 Years of Distillation with Tray and Packing and Beyond


Daniel R. Summers


Dan Summers was (until January 1, 2021) the Tray Technology Manager for Sulzer Chemtech. After graduating from SUNY at Buffalo in 1977, he started his career with Union Carbide’s Separations Design Group in West Virginia. He has also worked for Union Carbide Linde (now Linde plc), UOP, Stone & Webster (now TechnipFMC), and Nutter Engineering. His entire career has been focused exclusively on distillation. He is the author of over 70 papers on distillation and is a listed inventor on three US patents.
At present, Dan is a consultant for FRI’s Design Practices Committee & was the Chair of that committee for 12 years. He is also a Director and the Awards Co-Chair of AIChE’s Separations Division. He is a registered professional engineer in Oklahoma and is a Fellow of AIChE. He is also a recipient of the Gerhold Award for outstanding work in the Application of Chemical Separations Technology.


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Conference Title: From 2 tons per hour to 2 tons per second of oxygen


Mikaël Wattiau


R&D Engineer at Air Liquide R&D, Paris area

Heat & Mass Transfer Technologies for Industrial Gases Plants


- Design, exploitation and analysis of experimental test campaigns ranging from laboratory to industrial-scale.

- Development of new technologies (several patents).

- Enhancement of the company’s expertise in core process units.

- Recruitment, supervision and training of interns.


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