Conference topics

The Conference will include plenary contributions by outstanding speakers from both industry and academia, oral presentations in two parallel streams and poster sessions.

Other special events include vendor exhibits, the DA2022 poster award, presentation of the EFCE Fluid Separations Excellence award, and the special event for students.
Posters will stay up for the whole Conference promoting Author presentation and spontaneous discussion.


The list of topics includes:

  • Basic data
  • Modelling, Simulation, Control (in particular assisted by hybrid modelling or use of IA methods)
  • Hybrid and Multifunctional Processes (modularity, flexibility and intensification)
  • Equipment Design, Technology and Innovation ( additive manifacturing, centrifugal separation,…)
  • Process Operation and Troubleshooting 
  • Energy and Sustainability in separation processes (efficiency, renewable energy, CO2 capture, new concepts,…)
  • Biobased Processes
  • On-board Separation Processes (embedded processes in cars, boats, aircrafts, satellites)

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